Water Heating Systems Explained

Purchasing a water heating system can be difficult, particularly as you have a wide range of factors to take into consideration.  Generally, most people choose a gas or electric heater, depending on the fuel source prevalent in their area. It is a personal choice, and one that should be based on whichever system is best suited to your needs. The financial costs should also be weighed against the over-all benefits. The type of fuel you will be using will be an important factor when deciding what unit to choose. For example, purchasing an electric heater will be more suitable if you are used to using this type of fuel. It will all be dependent on your personal needs and wishes.

Before you make your decision you should consider a range of other factors. Purchasing a water heater is an investment, and it is important to get one that will suit you for many years. Therefore, you should consider your long term plans for the property:

*What are your long term plans for the property?

*Will you be using it as a family home or as an investment?

*How much hot water will be used in your property?

Selecting the appropriate size of the water heater will be important for energy efficiency. After all, it will be wasting energy if it is continuously heating more water than is required. You may wish to consider purchasing a space-saving gas or electric on-demand system in which cold water is heated as needed. This is a good way to save energy, as no energy is wasted keeping the water hot, the unit itself will not take up much space as it has no storage tank, and you will never run out of hot water. However, please note that you may need more than one if you wish to use different appliances at the same time.

Solar water heater – good alternative?

Some people are attracted to purchasing a solar water heater. If you decide to purchase one, it is likely that your installation and purchase costs will be high, however this might still work in your favour in the long run as you may save on operations costs.

If you decide to install a full central heating system, then this is likely to add value to a property irrespective of age. On the other hand,  if you have a small one bedroom apartment, installing an instantaneous heater will be more practical and appropriate. It is beneficial to consider a range of factors before reaching your decision. You will need to consider:

*Financial costs involved in installation

*The costs involved in connecting the fuel type to the water heater

*Annual supply and maintenance costs

Generally there are a wide range of heating systems available to suit different needs. Your financial budget is one of the most important considerations, and if you are not careful, you can end up spending more than you planned.