The Latest Plumbing Technology Will Save You Money

Plumbing is a basic technology that has not been ignored by entrepreneurial innovators. There are better ways to make your home functional and dry when it comes to choosing a system of pipes. Even though plumbing is a behind-the-scenes system, some methods are better than others. Here are some ways the newest technology can save you a buck and make your life simpler.

PEX Vs. Metal Pipe

PEX is a catchy title for a crosslinked polyethylene pipe. Polyethylene is a plastic matter that is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This high-density element is safer, easier to use, and more stable than metal pipe.

The high-density proponent results from a method called crosslinking. Think of crosslinking like the bond created when heavy whipping cream is folded in pound cake batter, only much stronger. The crosslink method gets its strength from a chemical bond. The polyethylene molecules are bound together by crosslinking reagents. Reagents are molecules that have two reactive ends that can bond the plastics together, thus solidifying the PEX shape, strength, and structure through a covalent chemical bond.

As a result, PEX are both strong and flexible. Compared to something like PVC, PEX is a superplastic. While PVC is a distant cousin, it tends to be more brittle and has no flexibility. PEX share a similar strength to PVC, but they do not rust or invite organic matter the way that metal pipes do. Because PEXs are more sterile, they are safer.

How are PEX cheaper?

PEX offer all around cheaper plumbing for a few reasons. First, PEX are lighter, allowing companies to ship the material easier and cheaper. Cheaper shipping means you pay a lower markup. This fact also makes PEX plumbing easier for your plumber to handle during installation, resulting in you paying for fewer hours of labor.

Second, PEX are very flexible. PEX can make turns and bends through your home and allows plumbers to move more quickly with installation. Metal pipes, on the other hand, require elbow joints with every turn and sway. Fewer fittings mean fewer cuts and also reduce the chances of possible leak points.

Finally, PEX only require three basic tools for installation: a pipe cutter, crimping tool, and de-crimping tool. This means your plumber will travel lighter and faster. Other needed materials are secure brass or steel fittings that are used to join pipes when cuts do have to be made. Overall, PEX is a simpler technology that utilizes a strong, more flexible product and makes plumbing new construction or a renovation easier, faster, and cheaper.