Spear and Broadsword Defence

‘Enters the White-Knife Alone’ is a different identify for this Shaolin Solution Fighting Exercise or ‘Kung’ enabling avoidance of the swords, spears and weapons of other individuals. With mastery of ‘Qiang Dao Bu Ru Fa’/Anti-Spear and Broadsword Arts, people today eliminate worry of these edged weapons and create skill to turn these back upon their homeowners.

Technical Evaluation

Proficiency in other Kungs right before teaching starts is required: Arhat Arts for focus-power and Mild Overall body Arts for action-operate, for case in point. Anti-Spear and Broadsword Abilities, a single of the couple Yin Rou/Challenging External examples among the 72 Kungs, is made up of aspects of each vital types. It is also a single of the ‘Stake Arts’.

The Inner Kung Fu expertise of gentle-waist and soft-legs and hand and finger techniques also want building. Most importantly, the eyes have to also be properly trained, along with hand-eye-body coordination (The A few Positions).

This technique’s Yin/Yang harmony is delicate–outwardly dodging opponents’ violent assaults, even though inwardly conserving energy and waiting around to ‘seize the moment’. As the Shaolin Maxim suggests: ‘Retreat only to progress! Defence is for assault!’


Stage 1: The Eyes

Failing to prepare the eyes sufficiently is a intense handicap to this Kung’s mastery. Commence by counting inanimate objects: the quantities of tiles on a roof or ground, bricks in a wall and paving stones on a road or route, for occasion. Practise estimating their figures and examining your guesses, till you arrive at a 95% precision-price.

Development up coming to guessing the figures of animate or going objects: chickens in a coop, ducks on a pond, fish in a pond, sparrows on roofs, flies where ever and last but not least ants, milling on the ground in front of you, in that buy. When you can count a pair of thousand of the latter inside a 5% margin of error you are prepared for the future stage.

Stage 2: Flower Poles Training

Within a cautiously delimited square, erect a amount of picket and bamboo poles of varying height and thickness about a single-foot aside and randomly distributed. Next, sprinkle white-lime around their foundation.

The college student then runs aspect-strategies via the poles preventing touching them or stepping on the white-lime around their base. Although facet-methods jogging is complicated in the beginning, follow ultimately delivers proficiency. Students ought to prevent functioning is straight strains and steer a additional angular system as a result of the obstacle forest. Functioning velocity through the poles is then step by step enhanced. When this can be attained with ease, it is time for Stage 3.

Phase 3: Sharp Points

Knives and sharp hooks are connected to the tops of poles and sharp nails and spikes lessen down (at times ‘iron puncture-vines’ are also scattered near their foundation) and the student repeats the Phase 2 activities, right until these, as well, are easily attained.

At last, the college student runs by way of an armed team of close friends or co-pupils, who commence to assault vigorously with their weapons. When this can be completed with impunity, the weapons seized and utilised from their previous entrepreneurs, ‘Qiang Dao Bu Ru Fa’/Anti-Spear and Broadsword Arts has been finally mastered.

All round

The techniques guiding this remarkable training ended up lost till files retrieved in an archaeological tomb excavation discovered these anew. These types of Chinese texts, commonly created on bamboo strips, are frequently legible many, numerous yrs afterwards (1).


(1) For aspects of some practically 2,000 calendar year previous fitting this description see ‘Master Sunlight: The Artwork of War!’ on EzineArticles.