Reasons Your Drains May Be Blocked

One of the most common causes of a blocked drain is hair. When you wash your hair in the shower or you have a bath, your hair falls out, which is completely normal. But over time this hair gets caught up in the drain and this can result in a serious blockage, which is impossible to resolve without the help of a blocked drain services provider.

Another cause of a blocked drain is plants. This happens to your drains outside, where weeds start to grow and make their way into the piping and as a result, the water you empty out has no way of getting past these plants. They grow dense and you are stuck unable to remove the water in your sink or bath. It’s frustrating and the only way to avoid this is to keep weeds in the garden under control and check your outside piping on a regular basis for plant growth.

Then in the kitchen, the biggest mistake you can make is to wash any grease down the sink. What you don’t realise is that grease will build up in the piping and can cause a serious blockage, which will need professional blocked drain services to remove. Always rid grease using an old carton or bottle rather than throwing it down the drain or toilet to reduce the risk of your drain blocking as a result in the future.

So many people make the mistake of dropping a toothbrush, ear buds, deodorant and more down the toilet. Once these are washed down they can cause serious damage to the piping and as a result they can cause a blockage. Ensure you keep all toiletries far away from the toilet and only flush down toilet paper, never any feminine products, cotton wool, nappies or any other foreign objects which could cause a blockage.

What you may not realise is that something as simple as a storm with a lot of rain can cause your drains to block. This is very common in wetter eliminates as the storm drains struggle with the amount of water, rinsing dirty water and debris into your piping which causes unwelcome blockages.

A broken pipe can cause blocking as well. When the water has nowhere to go, it can result in the water not being able to be removed from your sink and basin. Broken pipes can be easily and effectively repaired by professional plumbers, repairing the situation without too many unwelcome delays.

Remember if you experience a blocked drain and you have no idea the cause, then it’s worthwhile calling in a professional blocked drain service. You could spend hours trying to identify the cause and where the blockage is, something these plumbing professionals do daily, which enables them to carry out repairs in the shortest period of time, ensuring that your waste water is removed from your property, both home and work, without delay.

Always pay close attention to what you wash down your sinks or flush down your toilets. When washing hair, ensure you clean the drain immediately after to reduce a build up of hair.