Quantity Surveyor – Getting ready Payments of Quantities

The monthly bill of portions which is well prepared by the quantity surveyor is designed principally as a tendering doc. Each contractor tendering for the project is in a position to value the operate on accurately the same information with a minimum of hard work. This thus avoids duplication in quantifying the get the job done, and lets for the fairest sort of competitiveness. The invoice of quantities also delivers a precious assist to the pricing of variations and computation of valuations for interim certificates.

The invoice of quantities supplies a fantastic foundation for expense arranging and, if geared up in annotated type, will help in the locational identification of the perform.

The invoice of quantities normally consists of a number of sections this kind of as preliminaries, preambles or descriptions of elements and workmanship, and the measured is effective. The preliminaries outline the scope and mother nature of the get the job done, include particulars of the deal conditions, listing of drawings and any special instructions to the contractor on pricing.

Key value sums will be inserted in the bill of portions for do the job to be carried out by nominated subcontractors and statutory authorities or for merchandise to be provided by nominated suppliers, and for which estimates or tenders have generally been received. Provisional sums address do the job for which aspects have not been finalised or for which charges are mysterious at the time of preparing the bill.

It is crucial that all drawings, schedules and specification particulars ought to be checked and steps taken to guarantee that all cross references are proper. The quantity surveyor when measuring the function will be frequently examining all particulars, such as cross references, and will put together a question listing for the architect masking the omission of vital info, discrepancies and ambiguities. This provides the architect with the prospect to clarify these details and amend the documentation prior to tender stage. It is also highly recommended to check the adequacy of prime cost and provisional sums, make sure that no details is fantastic from consultants, that the quantity surveyor has all the latest information and incorporates it in the bill of quantities, and that all consents have been been given and the circumstances complied with.