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Self Employment for Plumbers

As the New Year starts proper, going back to work after a holiday is for some people a little daunting. The nicest thing about working for oneself is the feeling of not having to live in a regimented way at all times. We have those extra freedoms within our lives. It is a nice feeling of course, but we must never become complacent when it comes to our “work ethic”. We need to be disciplined and prepared to work when the need arises, and if we steal a little time here and there we must be prepared to sometimes go the extra mile when required.

This balance is very important for self employed plumbers and it can be the downfall of many businesses when it comes to using time wisely. I can remember a note on a notice board at one of my previous employers offices, it read; “Unused materials can be used again, but unused time is lost forever”

There’s something to think about there.

And that has also reminded me of this when I think about all those New Year resolutions and good intentions we may have.

Positive thoughts are good…but useless unless you turn those positive thoughts into action! Few people ever made any money without taking a few risks first. Many people simply hate change and that’s why they never find that “extra” thing missing in their life. We need to change a losing situation and strive for alterations to a losing pattern or behaviour.

The plumbing business is very volatile right now and it is often that a down turn in the economy motivates change for many plumbers within the building industry to come about. Many companies find that extra plumbing training or new plumbing courses to boost productivity is essential to force ahead with ideas and products to install.

If we realise that in order to make a change we need to do something, not just think about doing something. Again this is simple enough, but the fact is…not many people become successful in business by simply thinking a good idea and not acting upon it.

We can all dream a little at times and that is a good thing, but our skills in business will help us to keep motivated and the security of a good income stream will enable us to fulfil all those dreams in terms of self satisfaction and financial rewards. I think that we must make sure that our dreams are in the fore front of our minds because it is this that will keep us focused on the task in hand…we should keep aiming for a better life for ourselves and our family…we must believe in ourselves.

We must remember that if we want to succeed we have got to take action as soon as possible to change a losing situation.

Not taking action simply means one thing, our life and future prospects as we know it will remain exactly the same! We also need to consider risk against responsibility, and try to calculate “not” what we might gain by having a go at one new idea or another, but what might be lost in financial terms. Often there is a compromise where an opportunity can be worked out with minimum risk. This is something to consider and an approach that may be perfect for most people.

As the world changes, plumbing practices change also and we should all be prepared to find new ways of working, whether that be plumbing training and or learning more about niche markets that might sustain our businesses and future growth.

So, the thinking cap needs to be put on before anything drastic is undertaken.