Komibright – The Right Choice

There is much expected out of water filter systems and their quality standards, given the significance that water holds to humankind and given the difference that water could make to households in terms of health and fitness levels. The Komibright range of products has created a brand name and reputation for themselves in this arena, where purity of water is enhanced and many of the contaminants are kept at bay, keeping households safe and secure, out of the reach of these pollutants, microbes, bacteria and germs. And Komibright has catered to the different households with varied needs through products that are at the forefront of technological innovation.

Products in Komibright include Komibright A300 counter-top RO system, a domestic system that features a 4-in-1 combi pre-filter as well as a removable jug that forms very much a part of the system. While the technology of Reverse Osmosis has well been accepted as the leading aspect of the industry, the speciality about this Komibright product is that such technology is available in a form that delivers outstanding value. The design is superior and eliminates any scope for leakages within, combining looks, utility and maintenance into one. There is another variant, basically an advanced form of the product, to Komibright A300, in the form of Komibright A300 counter-top micro-filter system – this features a longer life of the ceramic filter with all the features of Komibright A300 counter-top RO system.

Both the A300 versions of Komibright are capable of functioning without any need for electricity despite their formidable looks and superior levels of service and are quick to deliver clean and clear water within 10 minutes of water supply to the systems. The models are compact, well-designed and sleek, making them attractive options and convenient companions for the home or the office.

Komibright also features a range of pre-filters, as in the case of Komibright F-400 4-in-1 combi pre-filter, which includes various layers of filters that go on to produce the clean and hygienic water that you desire – the sediment filter layer, the nano-silver layer, active carbon filter layer and one more layer of nano-sliver provide utmost protection from contaminants and pollutants with the four stages of filtering. The other products of Komibright include the replacement RO membrane that has a capacity of 50 gallons per day and eliminates heavy metals and viruses, and the Komibright replacement ceramic filter of 0.5 micron, which basically acts as the fifth stage of filtering to the A300 counter-top micro-filter system. All of these products are easy to install, effective to use and come with guarantees for added peace of mind.