How To Cut down Development Value By Above 50% And Nonetheless Sustain High Excellent – Part 1 – Foundations

Construction content price has been steadily rising above the yrs.

5 a long time in the past, the regular development cost in Nairobi for a medium-priced developing was KES 15,000 for every square meter.

Currently, this price has increased by 68% to an common of KES 22,000 for each sq. meter for the same.

The craze does not appear to be to be slowing down any time shortly.

Therefore, we need to believe outdoors the box to maintain charges very low and nonetheless manage the exact same or oven larger excellent of design.

This can be obtained by employing ingenious solutions of price tag-reducing from the basis stage by to the finishes.


On average, basis fees around 10% of the full charge of building.

The key operates in a foundation are:

1. Excavation

2. Bolstered concrete operates [foundation footing and ground floor slab]

3. Masonry walling to floor ground level

Excavation expenditures can be minimized by use of machinery -Excavators. An excavator is employed at an typical value of KES 6000 for each hour and would get 2 to 3 hrs to excavate the foundation of a 3 bed room residence.This brings the price tag to kes 6000 x3=kes 18,000.

Excavating the exact same utilizing handbook labour would choose an normal of 7 days with 10 gentlemen at a price tag of kes 300 every for every day. This delivers the price to KES 300 X 10 X 7=KES 21,000.

Strengthened concrete works

This is made up of concrete strengthened with twisted steel.

A cubic meter of concrete on typical usually takes 7 bags of cement and will price tag a minimal of KES 8,000.

A cubic meter of masonry stone is made up of 75 stones of 300mm lengthy by 200mm huge. Just about every stone fees an normal of KES 25. This estimates to about KES 25 X 75= KES 1,875.

This is somewhere around 75% less costly than concrete.

The bolstered concrete basis footing can be replaced with masonry walling to obtain this great saving.

Floor Flooring slab.

On ordinary, a strengthened concrete ground floor slab costs KES 1,200 for every sq. meter.

Masonry walling laid horizontally can exchange this slab. A square meter of masonry walling using device lower stones charges KES 40 X 15 Stones= kes 600. Incorporate KES 100 for cement plaster and this provides it to KES 700 for each square meter. This constitutes a personal savings of almost 45%.

Old colonial homes designed in the early 1900s in Kenya utilised these expense-cutting approaches and are nevertheless standing to day.

A superior example is the Officer’s Mess at the Countrywide Youth Services Bahati Farm in Nyandarua.

The foundation footing and ground slab is built of masonry walling and it nevertheless stands to date, virtually 100 many years from the day it was created.

With the passing of the new constitution, we hope that these types of a technique of basis development will be allowed by the Regional Authority. The latest Creating Code in Kenya specifies far too substantially concrete/cement utilized for this reason ensuing in a large expense of basis construction.


With the use of Machinery for excavation [15% savings] and use of masonry to substitute bolstered concrete on basis footing [75% savings] and floor flooring slab [45% savings], this will enormously preserve on the overall foundation development fees.

Francis Gichuhi