Elevate the Roof Fundraisers – How to Increase Funds for a Slate Roof for Your Church or Nonprofit

Several times nonprofit companies this sort of as churches and universities are housed in historic properties that have slate roofs. While numerous slate roofs can previous for about a hundred many years, there will occur a time when the roof shingles will want to be replaced or eradicated. Given that slate is the most expensive roofing material, the value for a new slate roof, dependent on the measurement, can arrive to hundreds of countless numbers of pounds. Even if the substitute roof will not be designed of slate the charge will still be sizeable.

Of course, elevating the revenue for a new roof can be a daunting endeavor for a nonprofit group. Routinely organizations need to have to fundraise for quite a few yrs to raise more than enough cash for a new roof or other development job. The solution of obtaining a grant from nationwide, point out, or local governments need to be seemed into. Occasionally a person donor has the suggests to donate the entire volume or can set up a matching funds system.

Considering the fact that slate roof shingles are so beneficial they should under no circumstances been hauled off to a landfill and thrown away. The previous shingles can be recycled and utilized to aid increase income for your organization.

Some of the techniques to elevate funds with your outdated slate roof shingles are:

Check with the enterprise that will be installing the new roof to invest in the old slates. Usually the corporation will do this and use the slates for another project.

Provide the employed slates to slate roof recyclers or development salvage organizations.

Market the slates to other companies or people who are in want of them for their roofing installations.

Continue to keep some of the aged slates to use in your fundraising actions.

Slate roof shingles usually have two holes drilled in them that make them terrific for turning into plaques. You simply just connect a chain and you have a plaque or wall hanging. You can offer the slates blank, as is, or you can adorn them. If there are artistically proficient men and women in your group you can beautify the slate plaques in any variety of ways. Or, you can have an artist in your group beautify them for you. Slates can be embellished as keepsakes for customers of your corporation, for case in point, by implementing a image of your developing. Slate shingles can also be turned in clocks and other attractive items.

The pricing of your shingles will count on your fundraiser. If you are applying them as a memento you could request for a minimum donation in the amount of money of, for instance, $50 or a lot more, and give them as a gift in return for the donation.

Even if you are getting rid of your slate shingles you need to try and continue to keep some of them for fundraising. Your board of directors or fundraising team can almost certainly do a bit of brainstorming and occur up with some inventive and profitable tips on how to use them.