A Very Sought After Title in California – Title 24!

When a legislative mandate in 1978 emphasized on reduction in consumption of electricity in California, Title 24 came into existence. The mysterious title, as it may sound to any layman hearing it for the first time, is actually a simple California code for construction of buildings of all natures and sizes.

From its original form in the 1980s, Title 24 Report has changed significantly over the years. It is because the title 24 is regularly considered for revision and incorporates all the new technologies and means to achieve enhanced energy-efficiency.

Title 24 has been updated twice till date. It was updated in the year 2005 for the first time, when new standards were included in the composition to address the urgent need to reduce demand of electricity in the city. The latest prevailing edition of Title 24 was updated in the year 2007, hence the nomenclature 2007 edition of Title 24.

Title 24 is comprehensive in nature. It has twelve parts. Apart from the first part that deals with administrative code for the commission and all the state agencies responsible for the enforcement of the California Building Standards Code (CBSC), all parts deal with design and construction standards for construction.

The various codes composing Title 24 include California Building Code (CBC), California Electrical Code (CEC), California Mechanical Code (CMC), California Plumbing Code (CPC), California Energy Code, California Elevator Safety Construction Code (CESCC), California Historical Building Code (CHBC) and California Fire Code (CFC), California Existing Building Code (CEBC), Reserved for the California Green Building Standards Code and California Reference Standards Code (CRSC).

As may be deciphered from the title of each part, these codes lay down elaborate regulations on the construction, preservation, refurbishment, relocation and rehabilitation of various types, scales and sizes of buildings. The last part, namely California Reference Standards Code, is actually not a Standards code for the buildings, but for Title 24 itself.

A display of timely and systematic action by the government of California, Title 24 report not only ensures minimum electricity consumption but also ensures adoption of safe and sound construction practices.